I redesigned the labels for Tostitos chip bags and salsa jars for my project. The main requirement was to choose a product and give it a new look. Then I had to either put the new label on an existing container, or create a new container with the new design. Finally, I needed to create a style guide that had everything laid out so that anyone could brand Tostitos product and have it stay consistent.

The client

Frito Lay (the company that created Tostitos) is the client. I am trying to sell them on the idea that a new look will increase sales by making them stand out.

Current design

You know, I really don’t have a problem with the current design. Their logo is great and their chips and salsa designs look appealing. I didn’t choose to redesign their products because I thought they didn’t look good, I just chose their product because I wanted to do a set of things, in this case, chips and salsa.


The big idea

So in order to rebrand them, I needed to do more than just move things around. I needed to make it look completely different and make it stand out from the competitors of Tostitos. (or else it’s not really a rebrand is it?)

I came up with the idea of using a chip to make a skirt on a girl. Then I thought about how to animate the girl, and I realized I needed to think simplier. I decided to go with something I’ve seen before:

sour patch kids 2 sour patch kids

See how they “write” on their products? Or at least they make it look like someone just wrote on it with a sharpie? It really stands  out and reminds us that we aren’t perfect.

Taking this same idea, I applied it to my redesign.


 However, it wasn’t that simple. There is so much more involved.

Drawing each girl

First I drew all the girls for the different kinds of chips. But at first I didn’t know I was going to make 5 different bags. First I drew original, then I wanted to try another kind with different colors and found “hint of lime.” Then I decided I would do 4 types of chips: original, hint of lime, hint of cheddar, and multigrain. So the first thing I did was create each bag by changing the color inside the logo, coming up with a name, and drawing the girl. Each girl has a different accessory that is colored with their color. Can you find them all?

Having fun drawing Macy

Originally I created multigrain as a joke. I thought it’d be funny to show one girl with her skirt flying up. Then I got feedback and was told to make that girl be on a “hot and spicy” bag. That is why I created a fifth bag, hot and spicy. And then I needed to create a new girl for multigrain. So I decided to be conservative, who eats multigrain anyway?

Girls-03  Girls-05 Girls-04Girls-06

Names that end in “Y”

You may be asking, why do all their names end in a “Y”? It’s because it worked really well with the design. Names with a descender in the middle of the word would crash into the ribbon and just didn’t work. So I decided that the “Y” made the ribbon fit the best under the name so I went with all “Y” names.

Ugly background

At first I knew I wanted to go with a simple white bag, but that didn’t look professional. So at this point, I also added a background color because when I did the mockup, leaving the bag white just looked unfinished (as you can see).

But the bag still didn’t look that great with the new cream colored background.

mockupGirlz-03 Girlz-04 Girlz-06 Girlz-05 Girlz-07

Trying different background options

Yes, these are not good. But I needed something more than just a creamy background color…

girls_revisited-06 girls_revisited-04 girls_revisited-03 girls_revisited-02 girls_revisited-01girls_revisited-07girls_revisited-05

Leaving the bag and moving on to the salsa

Since I already had the general design with the girls, I just needed to create the salsa label using what I already had. Yeah, not as simple as I thought. A bag is vertical, while the salsa label is horizontal. I messed around a loooooong time until I got something I liked.

salsa-01 salsa-02 salsa-03 salsa-04 salsa-05

I wanted the girl for the mild, to look a little more mild. So I tried to get her to look like she was leaning against the logo. But I couldn’t get it to work, because her black arm just got lost in the black of the logo.

salsa_Artboard 8

Finally I got the design to this point and moved on to designing the back of the label.

salsa_Artboard 2salsa-07

Back of the salsa label

salsa_Artboard 2 copy 2 salsa_Artboard 2 copy 3

I ended up with this layout because it looked the least cluttered with the most white space.

salsa_Artboard 2 copy

Going to print the label

This is when I realized I had to change everything.

I was planning on printing the label on a clear sticker, but two things happened:

  1. I realized I can’t print black on a clear label and expect it to show up against the red of the salsa when it’s on the glass jar.
  2. I was informed that if I tried to change all the black things to be white, that white would print clear on a clear sticker.

So I needed a background on this too! At first I just decided to stick the same background color as the chip bag, on the salsa label.


I went ahead and printed the labels with the same background color as the chip bags. I printed one sticker for the front of the salsa, and another for the back. When I held it up to the salsa it looked awful! If it was g0ing to have such distracting background color, it needed to go all the way around the container, instead of being two separate rectangular stickers. It looked so bad.

Figuring out new dimensions

This is also when I realized it would look cool to have “rays” coming from the girl. When I added this I was amazed at how much it added to the overall professionalism of the label. I quick added it to the chip bags too and I felt like I was finally done.

front_and_back-01 front_and_back-04

top sticker hot-01


Final mockups and images

spicy hot hotback

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