This project was all about taking a quote, cause, idea, really anything, and making a poster about it. The catch: You can only use type. That means you either use a font or make one yourself. I chose to make one.


The type poster made me think more about type, especially what makes a letter look like the letter. Since I decided to make my own type, the biggest challenge I had was making the letters look like the letters they were supposed to be. Readability was the biggest hurdle in this project.

Getting an idea

At first I had no idea what I wanted to make a poster about. I wrote down quotes, phrases I thought were cool, and other words and tried to find one I was particularly passionate about.

The ones I liked were the music one here at the top of my sketches, the one with the headphones (with the words being made with the chord), the one with the footsteps on the bottom of the page, and finally the one of the water droplet with the letters inside it forming the droplet.

The idea here was to not only write down words, but show them in a way that portrayed what they mean. I could’ve decided to write a quote in a pretty way, but I wanted to do more than just show a quote. I wanted the quote or words to form an idea.

type sketches-01


Initial drafts

So I progressed with what I had and brought some of these sketches into Illustrator. As you can see, they only did so well.

typeposter-01 typeposter-02


New concept

I could’ve refined my ideas but I didn’t like them. I wanted something more challenging. That’s when I heard it. A quote from my teacher. He was telling us not to spend too much time super zoomed into our Illustrator documents. Instead we needed to focus on the big picture.

He said, “Think globally, act locally.” I know this isn’t his quote, and it’s been said before, but that is what gave me my inspiration.

Right then and there I decided I would write out those words in the shape of a globe. So I did.



I wanted my letters to form a circle and then be the colors of the world (green and blue). The hardest part was making the words readable. I was worried it wouldn’t work and almost decided to go with this idea of a water droplet. I wrote the words “Save Water” inside a droplet shape.



The decision

I had a choice to make. I only needed one type poster and I had many ideas. So I decided to go ahead with the Think Globally quote. Here are my digital versions:

ThinkGlobally-03 ThinkGlobally-04 ThinkGlobally-05

I liked these versions but feedback I got told me otherwise.


I was told that the “h” looked like a “k” and the “t” needed to have a longer crossbar on the left side and the “G” needed to also have a longer crossbar.

With a few tweaks I got my final product.



man in blank t-shirt


Overall I think I did well for making letters on my own and in the shape of a globe. I wish I could’ve made the words read better and that is the challenge of this entire project. My poster is definitely a “Type Poster” because it is using type to not only say “Think globally, act locally” but showing the concept with how the words are drawn and formed together.