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Branding Myself

The goal of this project was to create a logo that branded myself. My initial requirements for the logo were that it take these three things and put them together…


Afraid of the Dark Magazine

For this project I created a 16 page magazine with the theme “Afraid of the Dark.” The magazine was actually created backwards This project was a school assignment…


Chemistry Icon Set

Make at least 12 icons that will form a complete set by first, determining the theme of the icons and second, establishing rules they must all follow. Why chemistry…


Would you ride this bike?

For this project I had to make a bike using Adobe Illustrator. I could create anything with two wheels. Then I had the decision to either keep it a…

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Think Globally Act Locally – Type Poster

This project was all about taking a quote, cause, idea, really anything, and making a poster about it. The catch: You can only use type. That means you…

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3 Unique Business Logos

I created three unique logos for 3 different businesses. I learned about the principles of logo design, how to combine two ideas into one icon, and that the final…


Twix Alphabet

The purpose of this project is to gain experience in storytelling, understand the importance of visual communicating in everyday life, and create a unified series of images that will form an…

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New Tostitos Chips and Salsa Branding

I redesigned the labels for Tostitos chip bags and salsa jars for my project. The main requirement was to choose a product and give it a new look….


Ice cream T-shirt Design

“Happy birthday to the ground!” (but not this time). For this project I needed to design a t-shirt that had a unique idea behind it. Part of this…



When I worked for my school’s newspaper, I created many ads each week for businesses in the area. Overall I created about 75+ ads. Then at the end…