Start a challenge with friends, achieve your goals.

Have you ever started exercising at the beginning of a new year and then stopped after only two days? Why does this always happen? Studies have shown that you have a better chance at keeping a goal if you are accountable to someone. This fitness app matches you up with a coach and allows you to join a fitness challenge with friends and family – so that you can stay accountable and achieve your goals.


To provide the user with a reliable and enjoyable way to achieve their health goals.

Extra purposes

The company’s other purposes for the app are to, make money by marketing health products to users along with a fitness program, give company’s associates an opportunity to become a coach so the company doesn’t have to hire coaches, and provide the company’s associates another way to sell company products and make money.


The user will use an app to join a challenge group with a coach, log their daily activity, and be mentored by a coach and motivated by friends, family, and/or new friends in their challenge group.

The Problem

The company began by using Facebook as a platform that allowed the user to communicate with a coach and other members of their challenge group. But, of course, Facebook didn’t have all the features that the company wanted. So the broad problem was to create an experience that was better than Facebook.

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Final Designs